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ดีแพงเกอร์ คอสลา

Executive chef at Haoma,


Chicken Tikka Masala with Turmeric Rice


Neo-Indian Cuisine

Made Good Hong Kong Awards - 2020 Sourcing Award

Condé Nast - top 6 most sustainable restaurants in the world


Deepanker Khosla, affectionately known as “DK”, is as passionate about reimagining authentic Classic Indian cuisine, which he likes to call Neo Indian, as he is for achieving food sustainability. His flagship restaurant Haoma is a  dream-come-true  project  that  began  with  an  online  course  in  Aquaponics  and  just  a year later had bloomed into a full-blown, functioning urban farm in the heart of Bangkok.

But  it  was  a  year  of  toiling  in  the  earth,  coaxing  fish  to  grow  in  new  waters  and  of experimenting through many trials and errors to optimize flavors – all the while working to create a food system that can truly be called sustainable.

Named for the semi-mythical elixir of life sacred in many cultures, Haoma is based on a simple idea: presenting food that looks good, tastes good, and makes you feel good. And the numerous awards and accolades that Chef DK has garnered in just a few short years are a testament to how many diners have indeed left Haoma feeling good.