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Chumpol Jangprai

Executive chef at Restaurant R-Haan,

Fish Jungle Curry with Riceberry and Vegetables

Restaurant R-Haan
Classic Thai Cuisine
Two Michelin Stars

Awards :  Iron Chef Thailand Thai Cuisine
Real Fan Thai Cuisine 2006 

Chef Chumpol has been through a long path of developing knowledge and cooking skills to get to where he is today. In fact, Chef Chumpol will tell you that he basically grew up in the kitchen. His family has owned a Thai restaurant called Sanguan Sri at the Ploenchit intersection for over 50 years. Chef Chumpol was helping out in the kitchen since childhood, and began cooking orders for customers from the age of 11. He would cook in the morning and attend to his studies in the afternoon, and continued this schedule all the way until his third year in the university. It was at this time, when he was 18, that his life reached a significant turning point as he traveled to work in Thai restaurants outside of Thailand. This is also the time when he began building his reputation and fame internationally. This vast experience allows Chef Chumpol the ability to demonstrate the uniqueness of Thai food across multiple aspects, whether it be savory food, desserts, or Thai beverages. He brings out the unique flavors of Thai ingredients and herbs to create each dish with charm and harmony. Because of his hard work and determination, Chef Chumpol received two significant awards as the winner of both the “Real Fans of Thai Food” and “Iron Chef Thailand”. Thus confirming that his extensive experience had raised him to the level of guru in Thai cuisine, this allowed him to open the restaurant of his dreams under the name of R.HAAN.